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Most Powerful Features

The Trapeze product range incorporates many powerful features to assist organizations working with documents how they want to, with a product that is intelligent, reliable and easy to use.


Trapeze Desktop's powerful measuring tools provide organizations with a complete solution for measuring documents. Measure building plans, structures and other elements.

  • Calibrate documents to exactly the correct measurement prior to measuring for accurate results. Multiple scales per page able to be applied.
  • Measure lines and areas using Dynamic Line, Ellipse, and Recession Plane tools.
  • Add, Subtract and identify calculation percentages.

Annotations and Redaction

Trapeze products offer a vast selection of annotation and redaction tools for adding content to images and for permanently removing sensitive information. Some of these tools include sticky notes, highlighters, shapes such as rectangles and ellipses, and stamps for adding pre-defined information.

Stamps, one of the most popular and advanced annotation types are utilized for applying frequently used information to documents. They are highly customizable allowing input of text, pictures, information input from Document Management Systems, and even pop-up dialogs for instant input of information.

For example, organizations can have a range of stamps configured which could include information from users and dates, to document information retrieved directly from a DRMS. Once created, entire sets of stamps are distributable to every Trapeze user on the network quickly and easily.


Trapeze products include a feature rich scanning module which allows organizations to scan documents with complete control over how documents are organized and displayed. Including a range of quality and accuracy settings which contribute to the module's flexibility.

  • OCR to identify document content for searching.
  • Document Separation for separating documents into bookmark structures.
  • Barcode identification.
  • Tools such as 'Deskew' for re-orientation of skewed pages and 'Despeckle' for removing unwanted image obtrusions.
  • Compression settings for producing documents of the best possible quality while keeping file sizes at a minimum.

Working with images

Trapeze Desktop provides a huge range of features for working with images, some of which are listed below.

  • Bookmark facility incorporating bookmarks and bookmark folders designed for organizing large documents.
  • Light table feature used for overlaying images such as building plans for precise transparent comparisons.
  • Printing documents is easy with print preview and printer group features. Printer groups allow printers to be assigned to page sizes so when printing documents containing varying pages sizes, the pages can be automatically sent to the appropriate printer based on the individual page sizes.

Document Capture

Trapeze's Capture feature provides a simple way to incorporate all paper documentation together within a DRMS quickly and efficiently. Trapeze Capture is a complete system for scanning batches of documents, capturing information and then automatically creating new records within a DRMS's used by organization's on a daily basis.

Interactively mapping captured information to DRMS fields and automatically creating records is achieved quickly and reliably. Scan batches of documents with customized scan settings, view the documents as they are scanned in, work with the documents and then automatically create records with information automatically retrieved from areas specified in document templates.

Image storage

The image storage capabilities available within Trapeze Vault provide many features that contribute to the applications role as an image repository management system, allowing organizations to capture, index, store and work with documents all within the same software package.

DRMS Integrations

Trapeze products are capable of being integrated with various Document Management Systems. These integrations allow organizations to work directly with documents stored in a DRMS without having to export and then re-import documents.

Some of the supported DRMS's include TRIM, Objective, Dataworks, and Hummingbird.

Web-based technology

The Trapeze product range offers a vast range of features available directly from your desktop, but additionally Trapeze provides web-based solutions to work with documents over the web the way that you are used to working on your desktop and provides the ability to distribute documents using web-based streaming technology.

File type support

The Trapeze product range possesses an unparalleled support for file types that gives organizations the power to view all of their images in one application. Some of the file types supported include TIFF, PDF, JPG, BMP, PCX, PNG, CAD, Well Logs, DICOM, Large Images, plus many more.