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Trapeze Online

Trapeze Online™ is an industrial strength, web-enabling, imaging and document management software suite designed for use in-house or across the web.

  • Designed to enable users to work 'in-house' on their files across the Internet
  • Lets you browse your document files over the web as if they were in your own hands
  • Is proven in large-scale, complex environments such as national land registries, as well as smaller ones such as professional service firms
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing image capture and document management systems
  • Reduces document indexing, access and retrieval costs and improves document-handling staff productivity
  • Improves  Web delivery, Archiving,  Handling large images (e.g.maps/plans)

Special consideration has been given to the needs of:

  • Document scanning providers
  • Bureau document storage providers
  • In-house corporate image document providers
  • General Internet use

Trapeze Online™ includes the following Trapeze technology:

Trapeze Webstreamer™ - Onstream's breakthrough server side software
Trapeze Desktop™ - Onstream's premier image document viewer, or
Trapeze Desktop™ Java® Technology Edition - a 'thin client' viewer.

Trapeze Online™ Operation

Trapeze Online™ is a client / server "Clip-in" to your application

Trapeze Online™ enables users to:

  • Securely transmit client data over insecure network links
  • Provide their users with an interface that provides the same functionality as if they had the original paper files on their desks
  • Reduce time spent searching for and retrieving the document of their choice from existing document image repositories
  • Allow authorised users to deposit new images into the server image store

Organisations using Trapeze Online™ will be able to continue to use:

  • Their existing infrastructure
  • Existing databases (relational, text retrieval etc.)
  • Existing image repositories
  • Existing server operating systems
  • Existing security configurations
  • Online delivery and management

Document capture

Trapeze Online™ will handle image files from all standard batch capture systems. Trapeze Online™ supports ad-hoc scanning and easy indexing of documents. It allows you to compile internal indexes on multi-page files from different sources such as A4 or Letter documents and A0 drawings

Trapeze Online™ and handling large images

  • Designed for web and intranet, and really simple to implement
  • Fits seamlessly into your existing applications, to web-enable your existing database
  • Robust enough for 'industrial applications' such as document scanning and archiving bureaux, and easily meets the needs of in-house corporate image document providers and general web access
  • Runs in Netscape and Internet Explorer versions 4 and above
  • Works on any remote user's computer and printer
  • Fast web download, speeds retrieval of multi-page images, colour maps and drawings by up to twenty times
  • Presents very high quality on-screen reproductions over the web
  • Enables user annotations to images over the Web while maintaining image integrity
  • Draws maps and plans to original scanned size
  • Prints to original scanned size over multiple pages or prints to scale

Trapeze Online™ and archiving

  • Combines with your document management system (DMS) or existing image database to deliver large multi-page images over the web speedily and efficiently
  • Enhanced colour display improves pictures of photographs, topographic maps and archives
  • Designed for Internet and Intranet, image management
  • Really simple to implement
  • Works on any remote user's computer and printer
  • Draws maps and plans to original scanned size
  • Allows real measurement by web-based clients
  • Allows client billing