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Our partners include Northgate, Hewlett Packard, IDOX plc, Canon, Plantech Hummingbird, Document ONE, Vidar and Interwoven.

Trapeze™ technology and solutions are available for purchase through various global alliances on an OEM, reseller or technology basis. These alliances are formed with companies who share our philosophy, and through them we offer the best fit at a local level, both culturally and economically.

This technology advantage makes available to customers the powerful Trapeze functionality as an integration with their other business specific software applications.

On Desktops or over the Web


IDOX plc
United Kingdom

A specialist information and knowledge management company, offering IDOX Software, an enterprise-wide information management suite of applications. IDOX software comprises several modules designed to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver information for use both within an organization and for access externally - by the public, clients or other partners.


USA, Australia, UK, Europe

HP Delivers Electronic Document and Records Management (DRMS) Solutions among many other technology based solutions, empowering organizations to take control of their corporate information assets.

The partnership between Onstream Systems and HP Software enables us to offer customers two sophisticated technologies in one solution. Trapeze Capture has been integrated with the award winning HP TRIM DRMS solution to enable organizations to easily leverage content management, business process, resources and connectivity across the enterprise in the most effective way possible.


United Kingdom

Dedicated to meeting the needs of today's modern government and other public service providers. With over 650 installations in 302 local authorities, they are the UK's leading supplier of IT applications to local government, and a specialist provider of software and consultancy to central government departments and agencies.


Document ONE
New Zealand

Document ONE is a document & records management system that manages electronic documents, records, emails & physical files in one central, easily accessible repository.


VIDAR Systems Corporation
Denmark, Japan, China

A leading provider of wide-format scanning solutions for the CAD, reprographics, and GIS markets, which includes wide format scanners from the Select and Atlas product lines. In addition Vidar is a developer and manufacturer of medical film digitizers.

Their focus is to dramatically improve the processes of companies and organizations worldwide by bringing them high quality imaging solutions and systems.


Contex Scanning Technology
Scandinavia, USA, Asia

A leading manufacturer of wide-format color and monochrome scanners and an expert developer of advanced scanning and copying software for these products. Through its worldwide distribution, Contex provides scanning and copying solutions to companies and public agencies in architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, graphics art, CAD, GIS and more.

Contex scanners digitally capture documents, drawings and other input in order to view, edit, archive, convert, file or print the output data for various applications and jobs.

Contex offers customers applications within their document management system from scanning, indexing, archiving, viewing, raster editing and raster to vector conversion, image enhancement, drawing revision and printing-and-copying.


80-20 Software
USA and Australia

Gives organizations the ability to unlock the value of unstructured data through comprehensive enterprise content management solutions. For businesses to operate in accordance with an increasingly unforgiving regulatory environment, they need to store information appropriately and produce it on demand.


Imanage (Interwoven)

Unites people, content and business processes. They make it possible for companies to distribute all the content associated with specific business processes in multiple languages, across internal and external systems, transcending applications boundaries to serve the right person, at the right time, in the right context.


Hummingbird Ltd.

A provider of enterprise software solutions, which allows customers to manage the entire lifecycle of enterprise content from creation to disposition. Hummingbird Enterprise™ provides an integrated platform for ECM and business analytics that enable organizations to address critical business needs, such as information management, business continuity, compliance and risk mitigation.

Hummingbird builds software solutions to access, manage, protect, extract, analyze, exchange and archive business content and transactional data across the extended enterprise from anywhere in the world.

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