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Photo Manager for TechOne ECM


Trapeze Photo Manager for TechOne ECM is the answer for managing photos and saving them into the TechOne ECM Document Records Management System.

Take control of photo management in TechOne ECM. Build photo collections, automatically populate ECM meta-data, bulk import and much more!


  • Extract and manage photos from multiple sources, hard-drives, cameras and other devices
  • View and organize your photos
  • Populate TechOne ECM meta-data fields using data (EXIF) stored within your photos (automatically)
  • Bulk save photo collections directly into TechOne ECM
  • View GPS coordinates to track the source of your photos


  • Save time – Automation and bulk saving features significantly reduce time spent managing and importing photos
  • Greater control – Powerful photo management tools allow users to achieve exactly what they need to all from one application
  • Efficiency – More power requiring less work, the photo management process is streamlined


Organizations using the TechOne ECM Document Records Management System work with a variety of document types, relying on the system to provide an effective document management environment. Traditional import and management features available in ECM have been sufficient for basic requirements, but photos often require more flexibility.

With a continued inflow of photos, organizations have recognized there isn’t an efficient method of getting the files into TechOne ECM in a timely and cost effective manner.  As staff struggle with ever increasing workloads the challenges become more obvious.


  • Loading photos from multiple sources, sorting and quality assurance
  • Time taken to populate ECM meta-data fields
  • Importing large quantities of photos into ECM

Trapeze Photo Manager for TechOne ECM overcomes these challenges.

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  "Trapeze Photo Manager for TechOne ECM empowers organizations to work with photos within the TechOne ECM environment the way they want to. What was once a difficult and timely process is now easily acheivable"
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