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Trapeze Document Converter

Trapeze Document Converter enables users to convert any document into TIFF or PDF formats.

Imagine any confidential information, legal documents, complex engineering drawings, maps, etc, all of them secure and stored in one electronic folder – without needing a complimentary database or document management security system!

No matter whether you create business plans, word documents, spreadsheets, graphically rich brochures or web sites it is easy to convert them all using Trapeze Document Converter into one document type (TIFF, PDF) and store them in one folder on your PC. Anyone using Trapeze can open the document and it will look exactly as intended with all the layouts, fonts, images, links, graphics staying intact.

How it works:  

Trapeze Document creates TIFF/PDF files from any Windows application. It works like a standard printer driver. Simply choose the Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, any text document or PowerPoint presentation, select the Trapeze Document Converter printer from the print menu and an industry standard, compressed single or multi-page TIFF or PDF file will be created.

The driver can be used to convert proprietary graphic formats. It is possible to convert any file, any format that can be printed in Windows, to a TIFF or PDF file.

Advantages of Trapeze Document Converter:

  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Best possible compliance with industry TIFF and PDF standards.
  • Highest quality of black and white or colour TIFF/PDF output.
  • High system reliability.

With Trapeze Document Converter you are able to:

  • Share documents outside your organisation with confidence.
  • Retain control of the content of your documents.
  • Combine diverse document types such as spreadsheets, engineering drawings, text documents, presentations, slides, PDF files, Web pages – into one compact file.
  • Store all the documents in one folder and access them easily and quickly.
  • View the documents with any TIFF or PDF viewer (including Windows imaging).
  • Use the documents with the Trapeze Desktop and enjoy an impressive level of control over thumbnail images, which is not available in other applications such as Adobe Acrobat.
  • Organise your document file content using dynamic bookmarks, which can present index information which is internal to image documents, also not available in other applications such as Adobe Acrobat.
  • Browse entire list of search results in one action without switching between a hit list and document view (as you have to do with most systems).
  • Store the documents with all the possible annotation types such as: sticky notes, handwriting, highlighter, text, pictures, arrows, measurements of distances, areas, angles etc.
  • Manipulate and re–present page information using the stunning pasteboard function available only in Trapeze Desktop, by selecting areas from a number of pages, cutting and copying them, pasting and arranging them together for the purpose of creating your new customised document.
  • Print any document such as A0 plans and maps, through multiple A4 pages on your standard office equipment. Select only a particular area of a page and print this at varying scales.
  • Easily convert all Microsoft Office documents to TIFF or PDF files.
  • Print documents exactly as they were intended with all fonts, images, graphics, measurements, your own annotations and special characters intact.
  • Deliver documents with confidence to almost any hardware or software platform including Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

TIFF is an open non-proprietary format that is perfect for archive purposes and along with the ability to create PDF gives users control when choosing what format to create new documents with.

Whilst CAD reigns over the design process, the imaging of finalised versions overcomes both the enormous cost implications of providing CAD viewing technology to end users and the technical issues posed by sharing CAD files of varying versions and formats. Trapeze Document Converter will enable you to use Trapeze Desktop that is invaluable for the management of archived, hand drawn plans and diagrams. It is much more cost effective and very intuitive to use. No expensive training for the employees is required.

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