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  • Windows 8 Compatibility
  • Scan Dashboard
  • Advanced Barcode Recognition
  • Scan Profiles
  • Redaction Tools
  • Shortcut Key Expansion
  • Multi Function Device Link

Product News

New Release of Vault (4.15)

The team at Onstream Systems has been busy working on the latest release of Trapeze Vault (4.15) and is excited to announce that version 4.15 is complete and available for download. All customers subscribed to the Software Support Service are entitled to upgrade free of charge.

Trapeze Vault 4.15 includes a number of new enhancements to the Vault Capture component and extends the software’s compatibility with supporting Windows 8 and Server 2012, details below.

Windows 8 / Server 2012 Compatibility

Trapeze Vault is now compatible with Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.

Vaults extended compatibility to support these operating systems continues Onstream System’s commitment for supporting the most up-to-date technology available.

Scan Dashboard - Vault Capture (Pro)

The Scan Dashboard provides a faster way to scan and process documents.

The Dashboard displays pre-configured buttons, called Scan Definitions that are linked to customizable scanner profiles. In one click you can process your batch with the correct scanner settings for the job at hand, without having to change any settings.

The Scan Dashboard is an optional feature that can be enabled and configured as required.

Advanced Barcode Recognition - Vault Capture (Pro)

Vault Capture now supports recognition of advanced barcode types. The ability to recognize additional barcode types adds further flexibility when working with Document Definitions to automate tasks including page separation, meta-data population and more.

For a complete list of supported barcode types please view the Vault Capture help file under ‘Barcode Settings’.

Scan Profiles - Vault Capture

Setting up and maintaining scanner settings can be a tedious and often time consuming task. The new ‘Scan Profiles’ feature provides a way to create and save scanner configurations for re-use. For users this means no more changing scanning settings between jobs.

Scan Profiles are used in conjunction with the Scan Dashboard feature.

Redaction Tools - Vault Capture

Redaction tools have been introduced into Trapeze Capture for Vault allowing users to remove private information from scanned documents before they are saved into Vault. Selection of a suitable redaction tool including Rectangle and Scribble types can be made before marking areas on document pages to be permanently removed.

Shortcut Key Expansion - Vault Capture

An extended list of hot keys and combinations of hotkeys is now available for use within Trapeze Capture for Vault. A complete list of available hot keys and key combinations is accessible within the Trapeze Capture for Vault help file under ‘Additional help topics’.

Multi Function Device Link - Vault Desktop, Vault Capture

Do you have digital documents that you want to save into Vault without having to re-scan the original paper document? The ‘Trapeze Multi-function Device Link’ works as a Virtual Scanner and solves this requirement. Select your digital documents and scan them directly into Vault.

We hope you enjoy the changes and welcome your feedback.

For sales enquires please contact us